• Next Culture is Archearchy

    Archearchy is the culture that naturally emerges after matriarchy and patriarchy run their course.

    Archearchy comes to life through archetypally initiated adult women creatively collaborating with archetypally initiated adult men.

    Clearly, authentic adulthood initiations are key.

    Once you can personally generate the culture of archearchy you can carry it with you wherever you go. You never have to leave it.

    It is your birthright and your responsibility to consciously live in the culture you would love to live in.

    If that culture does not already exist, then it is your birthright to create that culture, and your joy to share it with others.

    Creating and evolving culture is a set of skills that get turned on through authentic adulthood initiations.

  • How You Can Help

    "In reality no good deed goes unnoticed."

    Here are 7 simple ways you can make a real difference:


    Upgrade Your Thoughtware

    Learn outer and inner permaculture. For outer permaculture, wherever you are, change your front yard or back yard or neighbor's side yard into a highly productive food garden. Grow and preserve your own vegetables. Raise chickens for eggs. Save seeds for next season rather than buying hybrids from Monsanto.
    To change your inner world into a productive garden, upgrade the set of distinctions you use on a daily basis to think, feel, perceive, and create with. No one can do this for you. No one can stop you from doing it.

    In school they taught you what to think about, the contents of your mind. But before you went to school you could already think, or they would not have let you into school, right?

    Thoughtware is what you use to think with. Where did you get your thoughtware? From your parents, of course. And where did your parents get their thoughtware? From their parents, and so on. The result is that you are using VERY outdated and dysfunctional thoughtware.

    Your whole previous education has probably been saturated with the thoughtware from the capitalist patriarchal empire, which uses hierarchies in their organizational power structures. This is a design error, because the people who move up the hierarchies are the ones who will do whatever it takes to get power. The people who are most effective at doing whatever it takes to get power are psychopathic. Psychopaths do not teach you that you are born and raised in a capitalist patriarchal empire. That would be to their disadvantage. But you can rather easily figure this out yourself.

    But when you figure it out, what are you going to do about it? You can upgrade your thoughtware by reading books, watching videos, taking workshops and trainings.

    Please check the Links section below for book, video, and initiation workshop suggestions.

    Have Fun! If upgrading your thoughtware is not an amazing adventure, something is off. Quick! Try something different until it becomes alive and Fun again!


    Team Up

    In person or by phone ask 7 of your secret best friends to upgrade their thoughtware with you. It is so much easier and enjoyable to go on this archetypal transformational initiatory journey with a few friends.

    Coming together as a team also makes the journey more possible. Why? Because it is far easier to solve someone else's problems than to solve your own. Did you ever notice this? Together you can create a weekly Possibility Team meeting to provide wise feedback and coaching for each other and solve each other's problems.

    This is a practical application of group intelligence.

    This is also taking radical responsibility. Why? Because by creating a team for your journey into archearchy you have already stopped expecting a corporation or government to save the Earth. You know that if they were ever going to do it they would have done it already. This is the revolution. This is taking back your authority and saving the Earth, starting wtih yourself.


    Face Into It

    Next Friday evening have a potluck vegetarian dinner party at your house and before you eat together watch the 75 minute documentary called End:Civ with Derek Jensen: https://topdocumentaryfilms.com/end-civ-resist-or-die/

    Or watch The Corporation, 144 minutes, by Jennifer Abbot and Mark Achbar, http://freedocumentaries.org/documentary/the-corporation

    Or watch Trashed, 114 minutes, by Candida Brady and Jeremy Irons.

    The point of watching these and the many other eye-and-heart-and-mind opening documentary films is:


    "You cannot change what you cannot face." -the revolutionary Juan Santos


    You might have feelings while watching these videos... Good! Finally you are feeling something relevant!

    Having feelings means you are not dead yet.

    There are only 4 feelings: anger, sadness, fear, and joy. Write down what you are feeling during the documentaries and why you feel that.

    After watching the documentary share your notes with each other about what you are feeling and why. Especially anger is useful for doing the next thing.

    After dinner figure out what the next thing you will to do is, both individual actions and team actions.

    Have Fun!


    Leap Into A New Future

    Ask 2 friends to commit with you to attend an Expand The Box training no matter what. Then propose a project to your team to come together to financially and emotionally support the 3 of you to participate in this adulthood initiation. How to create the funds? Go through each others' basements, attics, closets, garages, and storage lockers together as a team and gather up anything that any of you has not touched during the last twelve months. Sell all this stuff at a combined eBay and yard sale. Do whatever it takes to get rid of it ALL. Put the total money collected into a jar with the estimated total amount needed written on the outside. Cleaning out your extra physical baggage lightens your load and makes it easier to create a new future because whatever you own that does not give you energy takes your energy. For ideas how to create the rest of the money read this article.

    For more astonishingly nonlinear but imminently doable way to co-generate the funds for you and your friends to pay for your authentic adulthood initiatory experiences read out loud together The Money Question online near the bottom of this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section: https://possibilitymanagement.org/faq/

    Yes, of course, you are right... it does not have to be Expand The Box training. Your next step could be firewalking, or a three month foot journey through Iraq or Cambodia, or an 11 day Vision Fast with Gigi Coyle's School of Lost Borders, or participating in Robert Gilman's Bright Future Now online course from the Context Institute, or joining a 30 day Ecovillage Design Education from Gaia Education... on and on and on... Each course is guaranteed to expand your worldview, upgrade your thoughtware, build your sustainability skill-base, and introduce you to wildly interesting and enthusiastic new friends.

    It doesn't matter what you try together. What matters is that you try SOMETHING to exceed your Box's limitations and work as a team to actually go do something completely different! Then the energies flow and you all get on a roll towards archearchy!



    What experiments are you doing each day (and night)? There are so many experiments to try!

    Nobody can experiment for you. But more interestingly, nobody can stop you from experimenting.

    Get experimental ideas every week by email for free by signing up for SPARKs. S.P.A.R.K. stands for Specific Practical Application of Radical Knowledge. Don't just read them. Actually DO the experiments. Your life will change and you will build matrix in your energetic body to hold the consciousness to shift into archearchy directly, personally, in your every day life.

    Matrix is made from distinctions. The more distinctions you hold the more matrix you build.

    There is consciousness everywhere. Just like light, the consciousness is invisible until it hits something. Consciousness manifests according to the structure that reflects it, again, just like light.

    Each new distinction you can hold changes who you are. By integrating new distinctions you force the universe to respond differently to you according to your new shape. In this way you can walk through the world representing... actually, sourcing... archearchal culture wherever you go. Your new state of being changes the morphogenetic field of the human race and makes easier for others to do the same. This is rapidly changing the status quo.


    Heal Technopenuriaphobia

    In the late 1960s a new word was invented to name the fear that many people were feeling then about all the new technologies coming into their lives such as fax machines, microwave ovens, satellite cell phones, remote control garage door openers, video cameras, etc. The new word was technophobia, the fear of technology.

    Now, one generation later, we are forced to invent another term technopenuriaphobia (penuria means the lack of) to describe our new deep fear, the fear of not being able to survive on Earth without the use of these same technologies.

    Yes, we have forgotten how to live on the Earth.

    You may recognize that sudden fear striking deep in your bones when the elevator stops between floors, when your car runs out of gas in a dark lonely forest at night, or when the WiFi inexplicably stops. Technopenuriaphobia means the fear of losing access to technology.

    These days we are born high-up on a ladder of technology where food comes from the refrigerator and money comes out of cash machines. We are missing the low-tech skills and knowledge that connect us to life on Earth which took us thousands of years to learn.

    One way to regain your low-tech footing is to commit to taking steps on your personal path of authentic adulthood initiatory processes. Nobody can do these steps for you. What's more interesting is that nobody can stop you from doing them. To ignite your inspiration you can watch this video list and jot down any adulthood initiatory processes which you might not have done yet.

    Technopenuriaphobia healing skills such as starting fire by rubbing sticks together (and 7 additional ways without matches), blow gun, boomerang, sling, slingshot, bow and arrow, spear throwing, knife throwing, axe throwing, navigating by stars and moss, edible plants, building shelters, making clothing and shoes, growing and harvesting grains, baking bread, and so on and so on, are excellent to learn with young people, because then you are as inept as they are, and they see this, and love you for it.


    Exit The Patriarchy

    There are various ways to exit the patriarchy. One way is to face the immense but still unconscious price you pay to remain in the patriarchy.
    "Price?" you ask.
    Think about it. You weren't schooled in a way that empowers your natural talents but rather to fit into a system designed to serve a wealthy elite. You were born guilty and trained to blame others and try to get away with anything you can. 'Responsibility' is a dirty word in the patriarchy - only stupid people behave ethically or take responsibility.
    You made an unspoken promise not to expose the emptiness of 'success' as defined in this system. Anybody can be bought. Nature is valued only when money changes hands. Your mind has been over-taxed while your heart and soul shrivel in neglect. You can't articulate the pain in you because the training is to stay disconnected and numb, without encouragement for compassion, empathy, relationship or sensuality. Instead you get addicted to adrenaline intensity, fighting and competing with others for power and material possessions just to survive. Time is money. Women are sex objects - disposable wives. Children are a problem. Death is a fantasy. There is no space for simply being.
    When you were born you had to choose: join the patriarchy or be abandoned. The ultimate price of becoming a patriarch is that you do not get to become yourself.
    The only way to stop paying that price is to exit the patriarchy. No one can exit for you. Exiting takes every fiber of effort you can exert and is extremely personal, yet, you cannot escape alone. You need a team, and you need something to exit into.
    That is why before exiting the patriarchy we men took a stand together. We took the stand that next culture exists because we exist.
    Our stand makes it easier for you to escape the patriarchy because there is already a place to go to. It is called next culture - archearchy - the creative collaboration of the archetypal masculine and the archetypal feminine.
    Welcome home.

  • The shift hits the fan!

    From matriarchy to patriarchy to archearchy...

  • How to Get to Next Culture?


    1. FIND: Realize that modern culture has edges, and that if you go to an edge and look with clear eyes you suddenly find bridges to next culture. These are books, films, websites, learning centers, training programs, alternative schools, massively-multiplayer on-and-offline personal-development games, etc. The bridges have perhaps been there a long time but you could not see them before. Each bridge is represented by one or more edgeworkers.


    2. LEARN: Step onto a bridge. This means choosing one of the bridges you find and participating in the project wholeheartedly. Hesitating to choose a bridge or trying to jump from one bridge to another bridge will get you nowhere.


    3. GIVE: We teach best what we most need to learn. Further steps across your bridge to next culture come through you becoming a bridge builder, offering to others what has already benefited you.


    4. LIVE: Some journeyers are meant to be pioneers and settlers in the context and gameworlds of next culture. Others are destined to remain as bridge builders, holding the gateways open for more to make it across into the new territory, or building entirely new bridges.


    Bridges to Next Culture

    During years of edgework experimenting we have exchanged an astonishing amount of good will and possibilities with an incredibly diverse assortment of human beings. There is so much love involved in these exchanges that it overwhelms the mind. Only a massively-multiplayer globally-conscious presence could ever facilitate such complex and evolutionary connecting. But there you have it. We have the honor of loving all of these people, all at the same time. Perhaps you can get to know and love them too!


    This list is such a tidal wave of creative-hearts pouring out their gifts… and represents only a tiny, tiny fraction of the edgework that is happening below modern culture’s news radar.


    If you ever feel like giving up, if you ever feel alone, if you ever feel hopelessly disconnected from your true-purpose or from the juicy flow of Bright Principles, PLEASE scroll down this list and start clicking on these people’s websites. Discover what they are doing, and who they are doing it with – look at the links of their links. Immediately call someone on the telephone and ask them: How did you do that? What can I do for you? Then listen with all ears. Suddenly you’ll be back in the game!



    (NOTE: For a deeper understanding about the necessity for and the function of authentic adulthood initiatory processes, please visit http://www.initiations.org)



    Achim Ecker – Zegg Org www.zegg.org

    Alexandro Jodorowsky – Psychomagic www.alejandro-jodorowsky.de/aktuell/aktuell.php

    Andrew Gaines – Alliance 4 Sustainable Well Being www.andrewgaines.net, www.transform-australia.net

    Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq – Ice Wisdom www.icewisdom.org

    Annette Loy – Project Peace www.projectpeace.de

    Arkan Lushwala – Time of the Black Jaguar (book) Arawaka Ceremonial Center, New Mexico www.pachamama.org/journeys/2014-dates/may-3-to-9-2014?utm_source=May%20Journey%20Invite&utm_medium=email&utm_term=All%20TPA%20minus%20RSVPs&utm_content=Feature%3A%20Call%20to%20Action%201&utm_campaign=Journey%20Promotions

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    SpielRaum – Dagmar Thürnagel & Michael Hallinger www.spielraum-planegg.de




    An ecovillage is a human-scale settlement consciously designed through participatory processes to secure long-term sustainability (from www.gen-europe.org).

    In fact, an ecovillage is an autonomous nanonation (http://www.nanonations.org), more and more often having their own unique culture, currency, context, constitution, and space in the global ethnosphere. (Therefore the country names mentioned below are merely for ease of geographical location rather than implying ownership.)

    An ecovillage is a seed crystal for archearchy, a breakthrough in consciousness that others can more easily follow, and therefore serves humanity as a bridge.

    Here are the ecovillages that we are already friends with (there are many thousands more!):


    Arcosanti, Arizona, USA www.arcosanti.org

    Earthaven, North Carolina, USA www.earthaven.org

    Findhorn, Scotland www.findhorncommunity.org

    InTerraTree, Togo valhallamovement.com/InTerraTree

    Kufunda, Zimbabwe www.kufunda.org

    Lenzwald, Germany www.pulsdererde.org

    Mama Na Bana, Congo gen-africa.org/node/138

    Niederkaufungen, Germany www.kommune-niederkaufungen.de 

    Schloss Glarisegg, Switzerland www.schloss-glarisegg.ch

    Sieben Linden, Germany www.siebenlinden.org

    Tamera, Portugal www.tamera.org

    Tempelhof, Germany www.schloss-tempelhof.de

    Valhalla Movement, Quebec, Canada www.valhallamovement.com

    Zegg, Germany www.zegg.org



      Plants For A Future: http://www.pfaf.org








      Critical Mass http://criticalmassfilm.com/

      End:Civ with Derek Jensen




      Ban on Mini Killer Drones https://www.theguardian.com/science/2017/nov/13/ban-on-killer-robots-urgently-needed-say-scientists




      Tiny Houses in Europe https://www.licht-haus.org




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